Lockdown update

A lot has changed since my last blog, most notable of which is the UK being almost 12 weeks deep in lockdown which has put normal life on hold and subsequently meant no racing for the foreseeable future. Prior to this I was preparing for my first senior European cup in Lievin, France where I … Continue reading Lockdown update

Winter 19/20

Been a few months since I last wrote on here and the off season has brought a fair few changes to previous years. Most Notably I changed my training setup to Loughborough where I am now studying at Uni, which after settling in has allowed me to train with a group in a much better … Continue reading Winter 19/20

July 2019

July has been a pretty quiet month for me with no racing in favour of some proper weeks of training. Given my late start to the season I haven't had the luxury of getting a lot of races under my belt this year which has resulted in some slight changes in my training in order … Continue reading July 2019

June 2019

This past month has been a little different for a number of reasons. The first is because of my A-Level exams. I had 7 exams in June, which meant this took main priority over training and racing in order to give myself the best chance. Unfortunately, this lead to the decision to pull out my … Continue reading June 2019

April 2019

April has been a pretty tough, yet very quiet month for me as I continue to struggle with injury which has meant no racing and very limited training which of course is not ideal at any time of the year never mind just weeks before the start of the domestic season. It became clear to … Continue reading April 2019

March 2019

This month has been a pretty difficult one for me following the past 2 months as I have continued to struggle with a foot injury which has stopped me running for a while now. For a week or so following my camp in February I started to feel a bit better and symptoms started to … Continue reading March 2019